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. state tv shows kim jong un visiting units close to the border with south korea. his focus is on a south korean island, a gesture aimed to provoke neighbors and please the north korean people. tensions have heightened since the regime scrap its non- agression pact with south korea and threaten the u.s. with strikes. south koreans are responding with a mix of concern and defiance. the south korean president attended a military swearing in ceremony and praised soldiers for their work. the ministry of defence did not mince words. >> if north korea really were to attack us with a nuclear strike, i can promise one thing -- kim jong un's regime would disappear off the face of the earth. >> the united nations security council voted on thursday to impose tougher sanctions. germany says it is the regular people who suffer. >> international isolation is increasing poverty among ordinary people, and that is why the policies pursued by the north korean leadership are focused against its own people. >> china, which has always defended the country, is also on board with the sanctions. it has called fo
another agency halted atm services at a south korean bank. professor kim jong un says the latest cyber attack is different from those in the past. >> translator: many private firms use shared servers. workers for these companies use the same programs in the same computer systems to send out emails and access data. if hackers infect such a shared server with a computer virus, all the firms using the same server will be affected. i think this is what happened today. i think it was an organized crime. because the perpetrators were familiar with our schedule. they aimed for 2:00, when banks carry out most of their transactions before closing time. broadcasting firms assemble materials for programs aired in the evening around that time. the virus was like a time bomb for the computer networks. it took a certain period of time after the network system was infected for it to explode. i suspect the time lag between the possible infection and today's incident is likely to have been planned to coincide with the north's announcement that it will attack the south. >> north korea's media report tha
. >> and christians mark good friday, the day they believe jesus christ was crucified. >> kim jong un has ordered north korean market forces on standby to strike the united states and south korea. the u.s. secretary of defense has denounced the provocative action. >> he met with top military leaders and ordered the preparation that to two u.s. stealth bombers flew over south korea. the north korean military has staged a massive rally in support of the operation to prepare for a massive attack. >> thousands accounting "death to the u.s. imperialists cornerman after a call to arms against south korea and the united states. over the border in south korea, many are worried p'yongyang might act on its debts. there's been a string of worrying signs, including the latest nuclear test in february. tendons on the peninsula are high. >> i am nervous. i do not want north korea to talk like that, but we cannot control them. i am afraid they target the u.s. if that happens, we could be attacked, too. >> north korea is taking a strong stance, but they do not think they are going to get anywhere with this behav
dismissed the threat of preemptive nuclear strike saying such an attack would mark the end of kim jong un's regime. south korean president park geun-hye issued a stern warning. to pyongyang. >> translator: any country that focuses exclusively on strengthening its military power while people are starving is bound to face self-destruction. >>> chinese leaders have long supported their counterparts in north korea. still, they back the latest u.n. security council sanctions. the world's most populous nation is in the middle of a leadership transition. nhk world's james tengan reports from beijing on china's reaction to north korea's latest moves and the other challenges facing its next generation of leaders. >> reporter: xi jinping is expected to be confirmed as china's president and premier li keqiang next week at the national people's congress. it looks like the situation on the korean peninsula will be their first major foreign policy challenge. chinese government officials are trying to show they're doing what they can to keep the peace. a foreign ministry spokesperson appealed to leaders
nets. sign boards calling for war and praising kim jong un can with seen around the city. people are walking to their workplaces or standing in line at bus stops. south korean president says recent events are a serious concern. she's told her ministers to prepare for more provocations. park head a cabinet meeting on monday. her first since being sworn in late last month. >> she's hoping international pressure will convince north korea to abandon its program. she told him to stand firm against any provocations. >>> a chinese foreign ministry spokesperson said six party talks must resume for north kor korea. >> translator: china is calling on the concerned countries to keep calm and self-control and refrain from taking any hasty actions that will situation. they should find ways to asheave long term stability. the party vs not sat down at the negotiating table for more than four years. >>> the south korea software mogul says he's running for a seat in parliament. ahn says he will compete in a buy election next month. he arrived back in seoul after three months in the united states.
narcot markets are opening. >>> north korean leader kim jong un is showing he is ready for battle. his country's troops put on another show of strength. he supervised a live artillery drill near a disputed sea drill near a disputed sea border with his southern neighbor. it coincides with military exercises by south korean and u.s. forces. state-run tv reports soldiers hit targets on an island off the west coast. it says they're practicing for strikes against two south korean islands. some of these artillery units shelled the island in 2010, killing four people. kim praised the soldiers for being fully prepared to fight their enemies. north korean officials issued a statement justifying the unilateral declaration to void the 1953 armistice that ended hostilities in the korean war. they say the u.s. and south korea actually broke the cease-fire by going ahead with their joint military exercises which started nearly two weeks ago. >>> the foreign minister have agreed to work together to deal with north korean issues in spite of territorial tension. japan spoke on the phone thursday with t
say there's a power struggle within the north korean leadership, and kim jong un may be trying to shore up popular support. >> we take a look at other stories making news around the world. >> china has named its new premier. missed that one. u.s. president barack obama says iran is about a year away from being able to build a nuclear bomb. obama told israeli tv that the u.s. is willing to use military force to prevent iran from getting the bomb if diplomacy fails. >> nearly 200,000 people have been killed in iraq since the u.s. invasion almost 10 years ago according to a new study. researchers in the u.s. say the cost of the war has been more than $2 trillion. >> on a very different note, we have a look at sports now. and then there were eight -- soccer teams, that is -- left in the champions league. the draw has just been made for the quarter finals. let's take a look. bundesliga champions dortmind. bayern munich will answer the chances. the fixtures will be played at the beginning of april. >> over in formula one, the world champion books read that to go into the new season.
.s. the state-run korean central news agency said earlier that leader kim jong-un had ordered strategic rockets to be on standby. he said he wants them to be ready to strike u.s. bases in south korea and the pacific and targets on the u.s. mainland at any time. >>> the leaders of japan and china are at odds on territory on the waters between them. they're preparing to attend regional talks likely in may, but china's ambassador in tokyo says a one-on-one between president xi jinping and japanese prime minister shinzo abe would be hard to arrange. >> translator: we're not avoiding high-level talks, but they would not be desirable for both leaders to meet only to end up in this agreement. >> ambassador cheng noted the absence of progress on a dispute over islands in the east china sea. japan controls the senkaku islands. china and taiwan claim them. china's new foreign minister is a former ambassador to japan. ambassador cheng said the appointment is unlikely to lead to an immediate improvement in relations. >>> the u.n. security council sends peacekeepers around the world. now they've added a com
Search Results 0 to 7 of about 8

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